Python CSC Electronic Office
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from base64 import b64encode
import datetime
import hashlib
import hmac
import ipaddress
import json
import os
import re
from typing import Dict, List
from urllib.parse import quote
import requests
from zope import component
from zope.interface import implementer
from .VHostManager import VHostManager
from ceo_common.errors import CloudStackAPIError, InvalidDomainError, InvalidIPError
from ceo_common.logger_factory import logger_factory
from ceo_common.interfaces import ICloudService, IConfig, IUser, ILDAPService, \
from ceo_common.model import Term
import ceo_common.utils as utils
logger = logger_factory(__name__)
class CloudService:
VALID_DOMAIN_RE = re.compile(r'^(?:[0-9a-z-]+\.)+[a-z]+$')
def __init__(self):
cfg = component.getUtility(IConfig)
self.api_key = cfg.get('cloudstack_api_key')
self.secret_key = cfg.get('cloudstack_secret_key')
self.base_url = cfg.get('cloudstack_base_url')
self.members_domain = 'Members'
self.vhost_mgr = VHostManager(
vhost_dir=cfg.get('cloud vhosts_config_dir'),
self.max_vhosts_per_account = cfg.get('cloud vhosts_max_vhosts_per_account')
self.vhost_domain = cfg.get('cloud vhosts_members_domain')
self.vhost_ip_min = ipaddress.ip_address(cfg.get('cloud vhosts_ip_range_min'))
self.vhost_ip_max = ipaddress.ip_address(cfg.get('cloud vhosts_ip_range_max'))
state_dir = '/run/ceod'
if not os.path.isdir(state_dir):
self.pending_deletions_file = os.path.join(state_dir, 'cloudstack_pending_account_deletions.json')
def _create_url(self, params: Dict[str, str]) -> str:
# See
if 'apiKey' not in params and 'apikey' not in params:
params['apiKey'] = self.api_key
params['response'] = 'json'
request_str = '&'.join(
key + '=' + quote(val)
for key, val in params.items()
sig_str = '&'.join(
key.lower() + '=' + quote(val).lower()
for key, val in sorted(params.items())
sig =, sig_str.encode(), hashlib.sha1).digest()
encoded_sig = b64encode(sig).decode()
url = self.base_url + '?' + request_str + '&signature=' + quote(encoded_sig)
return url
def _get_domain_id(self, domain_name: str) -> str:
url = self._create_url({
'command': 'listDomains',
'details': 'min',
'name': domain_name,
resp = requests.get(url)
d = resp.json()['listdomainsresponse']
assert d['count'] == 1, 'there should be one domain found'
return d['domain'][0]['id']
def _get_all_accounts(self, domain_id: str) -> List[Dict]:
url = self._create_url({
'command': 'listAccounts',
'domainid': domain_id,
'details': 'min',
resp = requests.get(url)
d = resp.json()['listaccountsresponse']
if 'account' not in d:
# The API returns an empty dict if there are no accounts
return []
return d['account']
def _delete_account(self, account_id: str):
url = self._create_url({
'command': 'deleteAccount',
'id': account_id,
resp =
def create_account(self, user: IUser):
domain_id = self._get_domain_id(self.members_domain)
url = self._create_url({
'command': 'ldapCreateAccount',
'accounttype': '0',
'domainid': domain_id,
'username': user.uid,
resp =
d = resp.json()['createaccountresponse']
if not resp.ok:
raise CloudStackAPIError(d['errortext'])
def purge_accounts(self) -> Dict:
accounts_deleted = []
accounts_to_be_deleted = []
result = {
'accounts_deleted': accounts_deleted,
'accounts_to_be_deleted': accounts_to_be_deleted,
current_term = Term.current()
beginning_of_term = current_term.to_datetime()
now = utils.get_current_datetime()
delta = now - beginning_of_term
if delta.days < 30:
# one-month grace period
return result
ldap_srv = component.getUtility(ILDAPService)
mail_srv = component.getUtility(IMailService)
domain_id = self._get_domain_id(self.members_domain)
accounts = self._get_all_accounts(domain_id)
if os.path.isfile(self.pending_deletions_file):
state = json.load(open(self.pending_deletions_file))
last_check = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(state['timestamp'])
delta = now - last_check
if delta.days < 7:
'Skipping account purge because less than one week has '
'passed since the warning emails were sent out'
return result
username_to_account_id = {
account['name']: account['id']
for account in accounts
for username in state['accounts_to_be_deleted']:
if username not in username_to_account_id:
user = ldap_srv.get_user(username)
if user.membership_is_valid():
account_id = username_to_account_id[username]
mail_srv.send_cloud_account_has_been_deleted_message(user)'Deleted cloud account for {username}')
return result
state = {
'timestamp': int(now.timestamp()),
'accounts_to_be_deleted': accounts_to_be_deleted,
for account in accounts:
username = account['name']
account_id = account['id']
user = ldap_srv.get_user(username)
if user.membership_is_valid():
f'A warning email was sent to {username} because their '
'cloud account will be deleted'
if accounts_to_be_deleted:
json.dump(state, open(self.pending_deletions_file, 'w'))
return result
def _is_valid_domain(self, username: str, domain: str) -> bool:
subdomain = username + '.' + self.vhost_domain
if not (domain == subdomain or domain.endswith('.' + subdomain)):
return False
if self.VALID_DOMAIN_RE.match(domain) is None:
return False
if len(domain) > 80:
return False
return True
def _is_valid_ip_address(self, ip_address: str) -> bool:
addr = ipaddress.ip_address(ip_address)
except ValueError:
return False
return self.vhost_ip_min <= addr <= self.vhost_ip_max
def create_vhost(self, username: str, domain: str, ip_address: str):
if self.vhost_mgr.get_num_vhosts(username) >= self.max_vhosts_per_account:
raise Exception(f'Only {self.max_vhosts_per_account} vhosts '
'allowed per account')
if not self._is_valid_domain(username, domain):
raise InvalidDomainError()
if not self._is_valid_ip_address(ip_address):
raise InvalidIPError()
self.vhost_mgr.create_vhost(username, domain, ip_address)
def delete_vhost(self, username: str, domain: str):
if not self._is_valid_domain(username, domain):
raise InvalidDomainError()
self.vhost_mgr.delete_vhost(username, domain)
def get_vhosts(self, username: str) -> List[Dict]:
return self.vhost_mgr.get_vhosts(username)