Python CSC Electronic Office
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from zope import component
from .utils import strings_to_bytes
from ceo_common.interfaces import IConfig
class SudoRole:
"""Represents a sudoRole record in LDAP."""
def __init__(self, uid: str):
cfg = component.getUtility(IConfig)
ldap_sudo_base = cfg.get('ldap_sudo_base')
self.uid = uid
self.dn = f'cn=%{uid},{ldap_sudo_base}'
def serialize_for_ldap(self):
# TODO: use sudoOrder
data = {
'objectClass': [
'cn': '%' + self.uid,
'sudoUser': '%' + self.uid,
'sudoHost': 'ALL',
'sudoCommand': 'ALL',
'sudoOption': '!authenticate',
'sudoRunAsUser': self.uid,
return strings_to_bytes(data)