Python CSC Electronic Office
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from typing import Union, List
import ldap3
from zope import component
from zope.interface import implementer
from .UWLDAPRecord import UWLDAPRecord
from ceo_common.interfaces import IUWLDAPService, IConfig
class UWLDAPService:
def __init__(self):
cfg = component.getUtility(IConfig)
self.uwldap_server_url = cfg.get('uwldap_server_url')
self.uwldap_base = cfg.get('uwldap_base')
def _get_conn(self) -> ldap3.Connection:
return ldap3.Connection(
self.uwldap_server_url, auto_bind=True, read_only=True,
def get_user(self, username: str) -> Union[UWLDAPRecord, None]:
conn = self._get_conn()
self.uwldap_base, f'(uid={username})',
attributes=UWLDAPRecord.ldap_attributes, size_limit=1)
if not conn.entries:
return None
return UWLDAPRecord.deserialize_from_ldap(conn.entries[0])
def get_programs_for_users(self, usernames: List[str]) -> List[Union[str, None]]:
filter_str = '(|' + ''.join([f'(uid={uid})' for uid in usernames]) + ')'
programs = [None] * len(usernames)
user_indices = {uid: i for i, uid in enumerate(usernames)}
conn = self._get_conn()
self.uwldap_base, filter_str, attributes=['ou', 'uid'],
for entry in conn.entries:
# some records in UWLDAP have two UIDs because UIDs
# were historically limited to 8 characters
uid = None
for uw_uid in entry.uid.values:
if uw_uid in user_indices:
uid = uw_uid
# sanity check
assert uid is not None
idx = user_indices[uid]
program = entry.ou.value
if program:
programs[idx] = program
return programs