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#!/usr/bin/env python3
This is a script which adds the mailLocalAddress to all members.
GSSAPI is used for LDAP authentication, so make sure to run `kinit` first.
import ldap3
# modify as necessary
LDAP_URI = "ldaps://"
LDAP_MEMBERS_BASE = "ou=People,dc=csclub,dc=uwaterloo,dc=ca"
conn = ldap3.Connection(
LDAP_URI, authentication=ldap3.SASL, sasl_mechanism=ldap3.KERBEROS,
auto_bind=True, raise_exceptions=True), '(&(objectClass=member)(!(mailLocalAddress=*)))',
attributes=['uid', 'objectClass'])
total_records_updated = 0
for entry in conn.entries:
uid = entry.uid.value
address = f'{uid}@{BASE_DOMAIN}'
changes = {'mailLocalAddress': [(ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE, [address])]}
if 'inetLocalMailRecipient' not in entry.objectClass.values:
changes['objectClass'] = [(ldap3.MODIFY_ADD, ['inetLocalMailRecipient'])]
conn.modify(entry.entry_dn, changes)
print('Modified %s' % entry.uid.value)
total_records_updated += 1
print('Total records updated: %d' % total_records_updated)