Python CSC Electronic Office
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import ldap3
def test_uwldap_get(uwldap_srv, uwldap_user):
retrieved_user = uwldap_srv.get_user(uwldap_user.uid)
assert retrieved_user is not None
assert retrieved_user.uid == uwldap_user.uid
assert uwldap_srv.get_user('no_such_user') is None
def test_ldap_updateprograms(
cfg, ldap_conn, ldap_srv, uwldap_srv, ldap_user, uwldap_user):
# sanity check
assert ldap_user.uid == uwldap_user.uid
# modify the user's program in UWLDAP
conn = ldap_conn
base_dn = cfg.get('uwldap_base')
dn = f'uid={uwldap_user.uid},{base_dn}'
changes = {'ou': [(ldap3.MODIFY_REPLACE, ['New Program'])]}
conn.modify(dn, changes)
assert ldap_srv.update_programs(dry_run=True) == [
(uwldap_user.uid, uwldap_user.program, 'New Program'),
assert ldap_srv.get_user(uwldap_user.uid).program == uwldap_user.program
assert ldap_srv.update_programs(members=['no_such_user']) == []
assert uwldap_srv.get_user(uwldap_user.uid).program == 'New Program'