Python CSC Electronic Office
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from typing import List
from zope.interface import Interface
class IClubWebHostingService(Interface):
Performs operations on the configuration files of club websites hosted
by the CSC.
def begin_transaction():
Performs any steps necessary to query the website config files.
This must be called BEFORE any of the methods below, using a context
expression like so:
with club_site_mgr.begin_transaction():
def commit():
Writes the config file changes to disk. This must be called at the
end of the context expression.
def disable_club_site(club_name: str):
Disables the site for the club. Note that commit() must still be
called to commit this change.
def disable_sites_for_inactive_clubs(
dry_run: bool = False,
remove_inactive_club_reps: bool = False,
) -> List[str]:
Disables sites for inactive clubs. If remove_inactive_club_reps is set
to True, then inactive club reps will be removed from club groups.
The list of clubs whose sites were disabled (or would have been
disabled, if dry_run is True) is returned.