Python CSC Electronic Office
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from typing import Dict, List
from zope.interface import Interface
from .IUser import IUser
class IMailService(Interface):
"""An interface to send email messages."""
def send(_from: str, to: str, headers: Dict[str, str], content: str):
"""Send a message with the given headers and content."""
def send_welcome_message_to(user: IUser, password: str):
Send a welcome message to the new member, including their temporary
def announce_new_user(user: IUser, operations: List[str]):
Announce to the ceo mailing list that the new user was created.
`operations` is a list of the operations which were performed
during the transaction.
def send_membership_renewal_reminder(user: IUser):
Send a reminder to the user that their membership will expire
def send_cloud_account_will_be_deleted_message(user: IUser):
Send a warning message to the user that their cloud resources
will be deleted if they do not renew their membership.
def send_cloud_account_has_been_deleted_message(user: IUser):
Send a message to the user that their cloud resources have
been deleted.
def send_club_website_has_been_disabled_message(club: str, address: str):
Send a message to the club stating that their website has been