Python CSC Electronic Office
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from flask import Blueprint, request
from flask.json import jsonify
from zope import component
from .utils import authz_restrict_to_syscom, is_truthy
from ceo_common.interfaces import IClubWebHostingService
bp = Blueprint('webhosting', __name__)
@bp.route('/disableclubsites', methods=['POST'])
def expire_club_sites():
dry_run = is_truthy(request.args.get('dry_run', 'false'))
remove_inactive_club_reps = is_truthy(request.args.get('remove_inactive_club_reps', 'false'))
webhosting_srv = component.getUtility(IClubWebHostingService)
disabled_sites = webhosting_srv.disable_sites_for_inactive_clubs(
return jsonify(disabled_sites)