Python CSC Electronic Office
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from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
class AbstractTransaction(ABC):
"""Represents an atomic group of operations."""
# child classes should override this
operations = []
def __init__(self):
self.finished_operations = []
# child classes should set this to a JSON-serializable object
# once they are finished
self.result = None
def finish(self, result):
Store a result in this object so that it can be returned to the client.
self.result = result
def child_execute_iter(self):
Template Method design pattern. To be implemented by child classes.
Every time an operation is completed, it should be yielded.
raise NotImplementedError()
def execute_iter(self):
Execute the transaction, yielding an operation each time
one is completed.
for operation in self.child_execute_iter():
yield operation
def execute(self):
"""Execute the transaction synchronously."""
for _ in self.execute_iter():
def rollback(self):
Roll back the transaction, when it fails.
If the transaction only has one operation, then there is no need
to implement this.