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.textbox {
width: 80%;
padding: calc(80rem / 16);
background-color: var(--secondary-background);
border-radius: calc(20rem / 16);

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import React, { ReactNode } from "react";
import styles from "./Textbox.module.css";
export interface TextboxProps {
children: ReactNode;
export default function Textbox({ children }: TextboxProps) {
return <section className={styles.textbox}>{children}</section>;

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@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ import { mockCategoricalData, moreMockCategoricalData } from "data/mocks";
import React from "react";
import { ColorPalette } from "../components/ColorPalette";
import Textbox from "../components/Textbox";
import { WordCloud } from "../components/WordCloud";
import styles from "./playground.module.css";
@ -59,6 +60,37 @@ export default function Home() {
value: word.value,
<code>{"<Textbox />"}</code>
The CS Class Profile consists of data relevant to CS, CFM, and CS/BBA
students. These were combined with the knowledge that students in
these programs tend to have similar experiences, as many of the same
CS required courses are shared. In the standard co-op offering, CS and
CFM take 4 years and 2 semesters to complete, while CS/BBA can take up
to a full 5 years.
Computer Science (and the others) is known to be a very prestigious
program, and is very well known in Canada as well as across the world.
For prospective students or anyone who is interested in learning more
about what the students are like, this CS Class Profile will attempt
to answer some of your questions, and you may even learn a thing or
two you didnt expect!
The survey questions were approved by the Institutional Analysis &
Planning, where all University of Waterloo stakeholders that are
interested in conducting a non-academic research survey involving a
large portion of the UWaterloo population are reviewed and approved.
The entirety of the survey creation and data processing was done by
the UW Computer Science Club, so please check us out if you enjoy what
you see!