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@ -63,9 +63,11 @@ Are you interested in using your skills to get involved with CSC? We have
committees covering everything from design to development, so no matter your
interests, weve got a place for you.
**CSC hires at the end of every term**, so make sure to stay connected through
**CSC hires at the end of every term\***, so make sure to stay connected through
social media to keep up to date on when applications open!
\* except for syscom, which recruits year-round.
#### Programme Committee
- In charge of planning, advertising, and running all events hosted by CSC.
@ -83,6 +85,8 @@ mail, configuration for IRC, Mattermost, Git hosting.
- Managing mirrors used by large public organizations and thousands of people
Syscom is always looking for new members! If you'd like to join, just send an email to syscom@csclub.uwaterloo.ca containing a brief introduction about yourself and any experience you have with GNU/Linux.
### Elected Roles
Each term, the CSC holds elections to determine the executive council: