Remove warning about emails being lost (#487)
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I don't think we should keep a long message in the file, since all the warnings are loaded on every page load, so it might have a negative effect on performance over a long period if we keep all warnings.

Feel free to merge on green.

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Co-authored-by: Shahan Neda <>
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@ -13,10 +13,5 @@
"startDate": "June 13 2022 00:00",
"endDate": "June 15 2022 22:00",
"message": "CSC machines will have their software updated and will momentarily go offline at 6pm EST on Wednesday, June 15, 2022"
"startDate": "Aug 1 2022 00:00",
"endDate": "Aug 8 2022 0:00",
"message": "Emails sent from any UWaterloo address to and are currently being lost to the void. Syscom is currently investigating this issue. If you need to email us, either do it from an email address not ending in or send it to one of the following emails:,"