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Amy f5072d38fd Add Code Party 3 (#490) 6 days ago
Aditya Thakral be308f6249 Create members.json api (#489) 1 week ago
Raymond Li 8e0e446fd9 Update Leo in syscom/termcom (#488) 2 weeks ago
Shahan Neda 8c43ed47b2 Remove warning about emails being lost (#487) 2 weeks ago
Amy 6e31d572ba Add warning about emails being lost (#486) 2 weeks ago
Amy 82cf6a7872 Update Fall 2022 hiring deadline (#484) 2 weeks ago
j285he c509757975 Make recent images square (#483) 3 weeks ago
Amy 72723df9eb Add Fall 2022 hiring news (#482) 3 weeks ago
j285he f4fbfa254a Add events (#481) 3 weeks ago
Amy 0a30564750 Update team name to Community Representatives (#478) 4 weeks ago
Raymond Li 7f9706a1b5 Update the MUA (#473) 1 month ago
Shahan Neda 13c6a0fb91 Added afterhours event (#477) 1 month ago
Amy 0a3222a9ce Update Anton Mosunov Prof Talk room (#476) 1 month ago
Shahan Neda e88283bc64 Added CTF and Code party events (#475) 1 month ago
Amy e7ca161e76 Fix Andrew Wang Photos (#471) 2 months ago
Amy 14ef810ad9 Image Optimization - Create new ImagePool for each batch (#470) 2 months ago
Aditya Thakral 767e32511d Add some docs about architecture (#459) 2 months ago
Aditya Thakral 44af493832 Do not use index: as metadata for OrganizedContent (#468) 2 months ago
Amy 0f0a25596d Add temporary Eden blurb (#467) 2 months ago
j285he e1af564621 Redesign and update 'Meet the Team' data (#452) 2 months ago
Max Erenberg d0cc21f406 Add section for cloud accounts (#462) 2 months ago
Shahan Neda ad6e02685d Added code party scream event and csc update warning (#463) 2 months ago
Emily Chiu 07b4b77e0c Add Movie Night Event Spring 2022 (#460) 2 months ago
Emily Chiu f631f4013f Implement dark theme (Closes #287) (#407) 2 months ago
Amy 443925190e Improve image optimization run-time and memory usage (#457) 2 months ago
Amy e336bed2aa Add Haley's Blurb (#455) 3 months ago
Raymond Li a2f0a20929 Update my blurb (#454) 3 months ago
n3parikh 49925d4cfa Bondfire date change (#453) 3 months ago
Shahan Neda f12ffbb925 Add endDate to events (#446) 3 months ago
b38peng c665be281a Add Bondfire event (#447) 3 months ago
Amy fac62e8772 Add Sat's blurb (#440) 3 months ago
Amy 0c94c4b3fb Add CxC Summit and Bonnie's exec blurb (#439) 3 months ago
Aditya Thakral c395dcbcd6 Add myself as an alumni (#438) 3 months ago
Amy a1f418e608 Fix Meet the Team page blurbs and exec images (#435) 3 months ago
Amy aece9ce761 Add S22 elections results (#433) 3 months ago
Amy 180622a71b Add Spring 2022 Elections (#432) 4 months ago
Amy 7be1adb860 Add Spring 2022 Bootcamp mentor application news (#431) 4 months ago
Amy af69b0ab98 Update Get Involved page membership instructions (#429) 4 months ago
n3parikh 419a3dd3c6 regen website 5 months ago
Beihao Zhou 08405cabee Add EOT event (#421) 5 months ago
Beihao Zhou 672a4ce013 s22-hiring-news (#420) 5 months ago
Shahan Neda c13b6a98f9 Added custom 404 page (#410) 5 months ago
Shahan Neda 174ddff299 Addec unix101-1 recording to tech talks (#415) 5 months ago
Amy e74e2279b4 Add Code Party Event (#419) 5 months ago
j285he 0f1e8b7e81 Link from [term] to [term]/[event] (#412) 5 months ago
j285he b0ca27416c Add Unix 101 FS/Perms & vim event (#416) 5 months ago
Beihao Zhou bb073136b0 Use LDAP API to fetch executive members' name (Closes #376) (#396) 5 months ago
Shahan Neda dd911c12ea added Unix-101-1 event (#411) 5 months ago
n3parikh d85016e2cc Empty commit to regen website 5 months ago
Aditya Thakral 4982b86de9 Docs for how pages work (#391) 5 months ago