Separate Teams on meet the team page (Close #364) #403

b72zhou wants to merge 33 commits from b72zhou-separate-teams into main
b72zhou commented 1 year ago
There is no content yet.
b72zhou added 33 commits 1 year ago
b06189f5f3 Test Ldap
6e8f7bba94 Test using console log
fbcdec33eb Change returned data type
8f144983ef Test Ldap
79c5005652 add placeholder
cb17e15b22 Merge branch 'main' into b72zhou-ldap-exec
608f6342da Debug placeholder
6ad38d1971 Test getExec function
c7947d9054 Test new getExecNames
ae0b81c4cc debug getExecNames
3a7ec04f4e Debug ldap data fetch function
c729bf40ee Fix name order
2aeaeaccde Fix Line Format
be43b75694 change order of exec
ae66794a54 add codey
57f67bc8d1 edit codey file name
340dfa67b5 Add placeholder
fe3358d9ae Test position field
f96d776259 Test position field 2
9a1ecf82bd edit president to presidentcro
6dc69fbe14 get position test
615a8ddbf9 test filter function
3506b6d00c test sort function
ca1a9f3185 debug sort function
bb743f4ca6 test president
f09580151f test position array
3dbc1efe39 test data type for position
0c0515a3c6 fetch array at index 0 from ldap
856f849526 finalize ldap
506dd57c72 separate teams
b72zhou closed this pull request 1 year ago
All checks were successful
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
This pull request cannot be reopened because the branch was deleted.
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