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Fix exec fetching and add events (#491)
- Fixed edge case with fetching execs
- Added Bootcamp mentor application news, and CSC x Google event

**Problem:** When building the Meet the Team page using LDAP (in CI), we were only checking CSC members for the "current" term (Fall 2022) to see if any of them were execs. Since our actual current execs (the Spring 2022 execs, since Fall 2022 elections have not occurred yet) have not renewed their memberships for Fall 2022, the script was unable to find individuals for the Prez/VP/AVP/Trez positions, which caused an error.

1. Gracefully handle the edge case where an exec position might be intentionally unfilled, by simply omitting it from the Meet the Team page.
2. Search through CSC members for both the current term and the previous term, when checking for execs. Note that this might make the build time slightly slower, since the script now needs to loop through two terms of members in order to pick out the execs, however the difference should be insignificant.

Co-authored-by: Amy <a258wang@uwaterloo.ca>
Reviewed-on: #491
Reviewed-by: j285he <j285he@localhost>
2022-09-02 14:34:02 -04:00
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