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Make sure that you have node >= 14 and npm >= 7. Node 14 ships with npm v6, so if you're using node 14, you would need to upgrade npm. Alternatively you could also upgrade to node 16, which ships with npm 7.

How to upgrade npm: npm i -g npm


  • npm install to install project dependencies
  • npm run build:images to optimize images for the first time after cloning
  • npm run dev to run the dev server (http://localhost:3000)


  • npm install to install project dependencies
  • npm run build to generate html/css/js
  • npm run export to move the built files (along with assets in the public directory) to the /out directory
  • Use your favourite web server to host the files in the /out directory. (A very simple one would be python -m http.server - not sure if it should actually be used for production :P)


  • groups (make sure you're in the www group)
  • curl -o- | bash (run on caffeine)