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<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2018-09-01">
<p>Power has now been restored to the machine room and
most CSC systems and services are now available, with the exception
<b>sucrose and taurine</b>
<br />
We are currently unable to access to servers remotely. To restore
these servers, we need a visit to the machine room to identify and
resolve boot issues.
<b><a href="">test-ipv6</a></b>
<br />
Currently available from within the UW network only. Investigation
is still ongoing and may require assistance from IST's security team.
<p>If you experience any issues accessing CSC services, please contact the
<a href="">Systems Committee</a>.
<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2018-08-31">
<p>While power has been restored to the Math &amp; Computer Building (MC),
power is not yet available in the machine room. As a result,