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<eventitem date="2011-10-13" time="6:30 PM" room="MC 4020" title="How Browsers Work">
<p><i>by Ehsan Akhgari</i>. Veteran Mozilla engineer Ehsan Akhgari will present a talk on the internals of web browsers. The material will range from the fundamentals of content rendering to the latest innovations in browser design. Click on the talk title for a full abstract.</p>
Web browsers have evolved. From their humble beginnings as simple HTML
rendering engines they have grown and evolved into rich application
platforms. This talk will start with the fundamentals: how a browser
creates an on-screen representation of the resources downloaded from
the network. (Boring, right? But we have to start somewhere.) From
there we'll get into the really exciting stuff: the latest innovations
in Web browsers and how those innovations enable — even encourage —
developers to build more complex applications than ever before. You'll
see real-world examples of people building technologies on top of
these "simple rendering engines" that seemed impossible a short time
Bio of the speaker:
Ehsan Akhgari has contributed to the Mozilla project for more than 5
years. He has worked on various parts of Firefox, including the user
interface and the rendering engine. He originally implemented Private
Browsing in Firefox. Right now he's focusing on the editor component
in the Firefox engine.
There will be 4 more code parties this term.
<eventitem date="2011-09-30" time="7 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="Code Party 1">
<p><i>by Calum T. Dalek</i>. The Computer Science Club is having our first code party of the term! The theme for this code party will be collaborative development. We'll present several ideas of small projects to work on for the unexperienced. Everyone is welcome; please bring your friends! There will be foodstuffs and sugary drinks available for your hacking pleasure.</p>