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<newsitem author="merenber" date="2021-03-07">
CSC now hosts its own instance of
BigBlueButton at <a href=""></a>,
freely available for all members.
<a href="">BigBlueButton</a> is a free and open source
video conferencing platform. It runs directly in the browser, and includes
many useful features such as multi-user whiteboards, embedded videos, and
interactive polls.
To get the most out of BBB, there are some tutorial videos you can
watch <a href="">here</a>.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email syscom.
Happy video calling!
<newsitem author="n3parikh" date="2021-03-01">
Join Computer Science Club for Alt-Tab, a lightning tech talk series presented by students. Alt-Tab consists of 10 to 15-minute talks about anything related to tech. They can be about cool new features, a fun project you made or really anything that you are excited about! We will be hosting it virtually this term late March.