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<!-- Winter 2009 -->
<eventitem date="2009-03-05" time="4:30 PM" edate="2009-03-05" etime="6:30 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="SIGGRAPH Night">
<short><p>Come out and watch the SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Graphics) conference video review. A video of insane, amazing, and mind blowing computer graphics. .
<abstract><p>The ACM SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Graphics) hosts a conference yearly in which the
latest and greatest in computer graphics premier. They record video and as a result produce a
very nice Video Review of the conference. Come join us watching these videos, as well as a
few professors from the UW Computer Graphics Lab. There will be some kind of food and drink,
and its guranteed to be dazzling.
<eventitem date="2009-03-12" time="8:00 AM" edate="2009-03-13" etime="9:00 PM"
room="Toronto Hilton" title="Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference">

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<td colspan="2" class="stats2">CSClub:
<a href="">More Graphs</a> |
<a href="">BitTorrent Tracker</a>
<td colspan="2" class="stats2">ORION:
<a href="">"South" Network Map</a> |
<a href="">"North" Network Map</a> |
<a href="">"Toronto" Network Map</a> |
<a href="">Waterloo Graphs</a> |
<a href="">BitTorrent Tracker</a> |
<a href="">Network Map</a> |
<a href="">Looking Glass</a>