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<newsitem author="n3parikh" date="2018-09-18">
<p>Here are the results from this term's elections:</p>
<li>President: Zichuan Wei (z34wei)</li>
<li>Vice-President: Uday Barar (ubarar)</li>
<li>Treasurer: Alex Tomala (actomala)</li>
<li>Secretary: Neil Parikh (n3parikh)</li>
<p>Additionally, the following positions were appointed:</p>
<li>Systems Administrator: Jennifer Zhou (c7zou)</li>
<li>Office Manager: Alexander Zvorygin (azvorygi)</li>
<li>Librarian: Neil Parikh (n3parikh)</li>
<newsitem author="c7zou" date="2018-09-12">
Nominations for the Fall 2018 exec are open. You can nominate candidates