RIM talk tomorrow! Wireless telecom, blacberry history. Read the fucking abstract.

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<!-- Winter 2008 -->
<eventitem date="2008-02-08" time="4:30 PM" room="MC4042" title="A Brief History of Blackberry and the Wireless Data Telecom Industry">
<short>Tyler Lessard</short>
Tyler Lessard from RIM will present a brief history of BlackBerry
technology and will discuss how the evolution of BlackBerry as an
end-to-end hardware, software and services platform has been
instrumental to its success and growth in the market. Find out how the
BlackBerry service components integrate with wireless carrier networks
and get a sneak peek at where the wireless data market is going.
<eventitem date="2008-02-29" time="5:00 PM" room="TBA" title="Overview of Quantum Computing">
<short>Raymond Laflamme</short>