Very quick event for S18 elections, since they're happening tonight

details are in csc-general and facebook events.
Patrick Melanson 5 years ago
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<!DOCTYPE eventdefs SYSTEM "csc.dtd" [<!ENTITY mdash "&#x2014;">]>
<!-- Spring 2018 -->
<eventitem date="2018-05-14" time="7:00pm" room="MC Comfy"
title="Spring Elections">
Elections for Spring 2018 exec will take place, as well as
amendments to the Constitution and Code of Conduct.
Nominees for the Spring 2018 elections will be announced through a news item
on this site, as well as the results. For details on this event, see the
csc-general email which contains details on how elections will be handled.
The general meeting will also discuss
<a href="">amendments to the Constitution and Code of Conduct</a>.
<!-- Winter 2018 -->
<eventitem date="2018-03-28" time="6:00pm" room="MC 4020"