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Alt-Tab is back! Come listen to passionate students present their topics ranging
from VR to security vulnerability! We will be serving bubble tea and shawarma! :)
Alt-Tab is back, and this time being co-hosted with WiCS.
Come listen to lightning tech talks by fellow students that will knock your metaphorical socks off!
<p>The speaker lineup:</p>
<li>Falah Shazib - How Not To Build A Virtual Escape Room</li>
<li>Anubhav Srivastava - The Fast Inverse Square Root Algorithm</li>
<li>Frieda Rong - Arrow's Impossibility Theorem</li>
<li>Charlie Wang - Gentle Introduction to Meltdown</li>
<li>Stacy Gaikovaia - Intro to Verilog: Hardware Simulation and Synthesis</li>
<li>William Gertler - Ethics in the Age of Lonely Qubits</li>
<p>Food and Bubble Tea will be provided!</p>
<eventitem date="2019-07-09" time="7:00 PM" room="MC Comfy" title="Movie Night">