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<mediaitem title="Multi-processor Real-time Systems">
Programming systems that obey hard real-time constraints is difficult.
So is programming multiple CPUs that interact to solve a single
On rare occasions it is possible to mix two difficult problems to create
one easy problem and multi-CPU real-time is, on the face of it,
just such an occasion. Give each deadline its own CPU and it will
never be missed. This intuition is, unfortunately, incorrect, which does
not, however, prevent it being tried in many real-time systems.
For three decades, fourth year students have been exploring this problem
in CS452, using multiple tasks (virtual CPUs) running on a single CPU.
It is now time to consider whether modern developments in CPU
architecture make it possible to use multiple CPUs in CS452 given the
practical constraint of a twelve week semester.
This talk will describe the nature of computation typical of real-time
systems, architectural solutions currently employed in the course, and
possible architectures for multi-CPU systems.
<presentor>Bill Cowan</presentor>
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Ehsan Akhgari has contributed to the Mozilla project for more than 5
years. He has worked on various parts of Firefox, including the user
interface and the rendering engine. He originally implemented Private
Browsing in Firefox. Right now he's focusing on the editor component
in the Firefox engine.
<mediaitem title="How Browsers Work">