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<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2018-07-18">
<p>The Systems Committee has been informed of a planned power outage
in the Math &amp; Computer Building (MC) Tuesday, August 21 to
Wednesday, August 29.</p>
<p>We expect most Computer Science Club systems and services to be
unavailable starting Monday, August 20. Planning is currently underway
to maintain limited services
(<a href="http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca">mirror.csclub</a>,
CSC website and outage notification for member/club sites, and email)
during the power outage.</p>
<p>More information will provided in the next few weeks.</p>
Thursday, August 30. Systems will be unavailable starting Sunday,
August 19 at 12pm EDT and are expected to be restored on
Thursday, August 30.</p>
<p>We expect that our <a href="http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/">
Open Source Software mirror
</a>be available during the outage.</p>
<p>See the
<a href="https://mailman.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/pipermail/csc-general/2018-August/000769.html">
</a> sent to csc-general for more information.</p>
<p>Please contact the
<a href="mailto:systems-committee@csclub.uwaterloo.ca">
Systems Committee
if you have any questions.</p>
<p><em>Updated on 2018-07-19 as the outage time was extended.</em></p>
<p><em>Updated on 2018-08-02 with additional information
and extended outage time.</em></p>
<newsitem author="mnmailho" date="2018-05-14">
<p>Here are the results from this term's elections:</p>