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<!-- Spring 2006 -->
<eventitem date="2006-07-29" title="CTRL-D" time="7:00pm" room="East Side Mario's">
<short>Come out for the Club that Really Likes Dinner</short>
Summer: the sparrows whistle through the teapot-steam breeze. The
ubiquitous construction team tears the same pavement up for the third
time, hammering passers-by with dust and noise: our shirts, worn for
the third time, noisome from competing heat and shame. As Nature
continues her Keynesian rotation of policy, and as society decrees yet
another parting of ways, it is proper for the common victims to have
an evening to themselves, looking both back and ahead, imagining new
opportunities, and recognising those long since missed. God fucking
damn it.
This term's CTRL-D end-of-term dinner is taking place tomorrow
(Saturday) at 7:00 P.M. at East Side Mario's, in the plaza. Meet in
the C.S.C. fifteen minutes beforehand, so they don't take away our
seats or anything nasty like that.
A lot of people wanted to go to the Mongolian Grill, but I'm pretty
sure this place has a similar price-to-tasty ratio; what's more,
they'll actually grant us a reservation more than four nights a week.
I've confirmed that the crazy allergenic peanuts no longer exist
(sad), and they have a good vegetarian selection, which is likely
coincides with their kosher and halal menus.
Come out for the tasty and the awesome! If you pretend it's your
birthday, everyone's a loser! Tell your friends, because I told the
telephone I wanted to reserve for 10 to 12 people, and I don't wish to
sully Calum T. Dalek's good name!
<eventitem date="2006-07-26" title="Lemmings Day" time="3:30pm" room="MC Comfy Lounge">
<short>Come out for some retro Amiga-style Lemmings gaming action!</short>