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<!-- Winter 2018 -->
<eventitem date="2018-03-28" time="6:00pm" room="MC 4020"
title="Alt-Tab: W18">
CSC will be hosting our termly Alt-Tab event, the Computer Science
version of Short Attention Span Math Seminars (SASMS) hosted by that
math club down the hall. It will be a night full of friendly talks.
Our current lineup includes:
<li>Ifaz Kabir: Efficient Type Inference with Union Find</li>
<li>Jordan Garside: GraphQL and APIs</li>
<li>Ansley Peduru: Lessons Learned from Cross-Compiling Rust</li>
<li>Sean Harrap: Implementing Structs Almost From Scratch</li>
<li>Ashish Gaurav: Teaching Programs to play Simple Games</li>
<li>Jennifer Zhou: Garbage Collection Concepts</li>
<eventitem date="2018-03-26" time="7:00pm" room="QNC 2502"
title="Uncode Party with WiCS">
We are having a joint Code Party with Women in Computer Science (WiCS).
This time, it's an Uncode Party, where you try to find the worst solutions
possible to programming problems that we will provide.
<p>An example of a good "bad" solution is
<a href="">SlowSort</a>.
Come and write shoddy code with us and eat free food. You can work on
your assignments too. No general meeting will be bundled with this event.
<eventitem date="2018-03-22" time="6:00pm" room="MC 4059"
title="Prof Talk with Richard Mann">