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<!-- Spring 2004 -->
<eventitem date="2004-07-17" time="11:30 AM" room="RCH 308"
title="Case Modding Workshop!">
<short>Learn how to make your computer 1337!</short>
Are you bored of beige?<br />
Tired of an overheating computer?<br />
Is your computer's noise level on par with a jet engine?
Got a nifty modded case?<br />
Want one?
The Computer Science Club will be holding a Case Modding Workshop
to help answer these questions.
There will be demonstrations on how to make a case window, how
to paint your case, managing cables and keeping your computer
quiet and cool.
The event is FREE and there will be FREE PIZZA. All are welcome!
To help you on your way to getting a wicked computer case, we have a limited
number of "Case Modding Starters Kits" available. They come with an LED fan,
a fan grill, a sheet of Plexan, thumbscrews, wire ties, and more! They're
only $10 and will be on sale at the event. Here's a <a
If you already have a modded case, we encourage you to bring it out
and show it off! There will be a prize for the best case!!
We hope to see you there!
This event is sponsored by Bigfoot Computers.
<eventitem date="2004-06-17" time="4:00 PM" room="MC 2066"
title="``Optical Snow'': Motion parallax and heading computation in densely cluttered scenes. -or- Why Computer Vision needs the Fourier Transform!">
<short>A talk by Richard Mann; School of Computer Science</short>

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