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<!-- Fall 2017 -->
<eventitem date="2017-10-12" time="4:30 pm" room="TBD"
title="Unix 101">
Interested in Linux, but don't know where to start? Come learn some
basic topics with us including interaction with the shell, motivation
for using it, some simple commands, and more! (Snacks after)
New to the Linux computing environment? If you seek an introduction,
look no further (you can if you want we're not the police). Topics that
will be covered include basic interaction with the shell and the
motivations behind using it, and an introduction to compilation. You'll
have to learn this stuff in CS 246 anyways, so why not get a head start!
If you're interested in attending, make sure you can log into the Macs
on the third floor, or show up to the CSC office (MC 3036) 20 minutes
early for some help.
<eventitem date="2017-10-05" time="6:00 pm" room="Laurel Creek Firepit"
title="CSC Goes Outside">
@ -81,7 +106,7 @@ Come any time after 6:30pm, there will be snacks and we'll be ordering pizza at
If you would like to run or nominate someone for any of the elected positions,
you can put your name in a special box in the CSC office (MC 3036/3037)
you can put your name in a special box in the CSC office (MC 3036/3037)
or by sending an email to the Chief Returning Officer (Melissa)
at <a href=""></a>.
Please note that executive positions are restricted