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<!-- Winter 2020-->
<eventitem date="2020-03-12" time="6:00 pm" room="MC Comfy" title="WiCS x CSC Bondfire">
Bondfire with WiCS Thursday March 12th @ 6PM in MC Comfy
CSC and WiCS are hosting an indoor get together event Thursday March 12th @ 6PM in MC Comfy. Gather around the "bonfire" for a night of fun, food, and friends! Free hot chocolate, food and s'mores on us!
We will also be serving paninis at the event! If you'd like one, please register on Eventbrite by 2PM on Monday, March 9th:
<eventitem date="2020-02-11" time="6:00 pm" room="MC 4045" title="Physical Security Workshop">