Set up for Fall elections.

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<!-- Uncomment this when nominations begin.
<eventitem date="2012-09-13" time="4:00 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" title="Elections">
<p>CSC Elections have begun for the Fall 2012 term, nominations are open!</p>
<p>It's elections time again! On Thursday September 13th at 4:00PM, come to the Comfy Lounge
on the 3rd floor of the MC to vote in this term's President, Vice-President, Treasurer
and Secretary. The sysadmin, librarian, and office manager will also be chosen at this time.</p>
<p>Nominations are open until 4:00PM on Wednesday September 12th, and can be
written on the CSC office whiteboard (yes, you can nominate yourself). All CSC members
can vote and are invited to drop by. You may also send nominations to the
<a href="">
Chief Returning Officer</a>. A full list of candidates will be posted
when nominations close.</p>
<p>Good luck to our candidates!</p>
<eventitem date="2012-09-06" time="17:00" room="Math 3 Atrium" title="SCS First-year Welcome Dinner">
<p>The School of Computer Science is hosting a dinner event for incoming first-year students. You'll get to meet us, some of the faculty, and other new undergraduates. Food will be provided.</p>

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<newsitem author="m4burns" date="2012-07-30">
Elections for Fall 2012 will be held on September 13 at 4:00 PM. Nominations will begin on September 6th, and will end 24 hours prior to elections. Nominations may be emailed to <a href=""></a>. This term's CRO is Owen Smith (omsmith).
<newsitem author="m4burns" date="2012-06-06">
To all of our members who are interested in attending CUMC at UBCO this summer, please remember to <a href="">apply for funding!</a>