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<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2018-08-31">
<p>While power has been restored to the Math &amp; Computer Building (MC),
power is not yet available in the machine room. As a result,
most CSC services are still unavailable at this time.</p>
<p>The current estimate for power is Saturday, Sept. 1.</p>
<p>Currently, due to machines located in other buildings and
emergency generator power to select machines in MC, the following
services are currently available:</p>
<li><a href="">Mirror</a></li>
<li>Mail (<a href="">Webmail</a>, SMTP and IMAP</li>
<li>Caffeine (including web hosting)</li>
<p>Once power is restored to the machine room, the Systems Committee
will continue restoring remaining services.</p>
<newsitem author="ztseguin" date="2018-07-18">
<p>The Systems Committee has been informed of a planned power outage
in the Math &amp; Computer Building (MC) Tuesday, August 21 to