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<!-- Fall 2009 -->
<eventitem date="2009-12-05" time="6:30 PM" room="MC3036" edate="2009-12-05" etime="11:55 PM" title="The Club That Really Likes Dinner">
<short><p>Come on out to the club's termly end of term dinner, details in the abstract</p></short>
<abstract><p>The dinner will be potluck style at the Vice President's house, please RSVP (respond swiftly to the vice president)
<a href="">here</a> if you plan on attending. If you don't know how to get there meet at the club
office at 6:30 PM, a group will be leaving to lead you there.</p></abstract>
<eventitem date="2009-11-27" time="7:00 PM" room="Comfy Lounge" edate="2009-11-28" etime="7:00 AM" title="Code Party!!11!!">
<short><p>A fevered night of code, friends, fun, energy drinks, and the CSC. Facebook will be around to bring some food and hang out.