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<diritem title="Positions" href="positions" />
<diritem title="Membership List" href="members" />
<diritem title="Donations" href="donations" />
<diritem title="MEF" href="mef" />

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<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE cscpage SYSTEM "../csc.dtd">
<cscpage title="Mathematics Endowment Fund Contributions">
<header />
<section title="Mathematics Endowment Fund Contributions">
The <a href="">Mathematics Endowment Fund</a>
has provided funding for a variety of projects, events, and hardware:
<li>a new server to run our mirror</li>
<li>an LCD monitor for our office</li>
<li>taurine, a server used for virtualization</li>
<li>a gigabit switch</li>
<li>academic talks</li>
<li>Linux CDs for first-year students</li>
<li>caffeine, our primary server</li>
<li>various books for a our library</li>
The Computer Science club graciously thanks the Mathematics Endowment Fund
for their financial support.
<footer />