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<cscpage title="Clubs the CSC hosts">
<header />
<section title="Club websites we host or have hosted">
<section title="Clubs">
<p>We have had a long history of serving the clubs at the University.
We currently host <a href="#websites">websites</a> and
<a href="#lists">mailing lists</a> for various organizations.</p>
<p>If you'd like to have your club hosted on our servers, please
contact the Systems Committee at <a
<section title="Club websites we host or have hosted" id="websites">
<p>The following is a listing of clubs whose websites the CSC hosts
or has hosted in the past:</p>
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<section title="Mailing lists we host">
<section title="Mailing lists we host" id="lists">
<p>We also host a number of <a
href="http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/mailman/listinfo/">mailing lists</a>
for various organisations, on-campus or in the community..</p>