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<eventitem date="2018-03-13" time="6:00pm" room="MC Comfy"
title="Discussion with maddog">
We'll be having a discussion session with maddog, an out-of-town speaker
from the LPI. Food will be provided, as well as good company. Come out!
Jon "maddog" Hall is the Executive Director of Linux International, an
association of computer users who wish to support and promote the Linux
Operating System. During his career in commercial computing which
started in 1969 (almost a half-century ago), Mr. Hall has been a
programmer, systems designer, systems administrator, product manager,
technical marketing manager, educator, and consultant.
He has worked for such companies as Western Electric Corporation, Aetna
Life and Casualty, Bell Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, VA
Linux Systems, SGI and Futura Networks (Campus Party).
Mr. Hall is currently the CEO of OptDyn, Inc ( which
creates the Subutai(tm) suite of Open Source Peer-to-Peer Cloud
computing tools. He also works as an independent consultant, and is
involved with bringing environmentally friendly computing to emerging
marketplaces, as well as working on performance and educational issues
with Free and Open Source Software via the Linaro Association. He is
the Chairman Emeritus of
Mr Hall has worked on many systems, both proprietary and open, having
concentrated on Unix systems since 1980 and Linux systems since 1994
(almost a quarter century ago), when he first met Linus Torvalds and
correctly recognized the commercial importance of Linux and Free and
Open Source Software.
He has taught at Hartford State Technical College, Merrimack College
and Daniel Webster College. He still likes talking to students over
pizza and beer (the pizza can be optional).
Mr. Hall is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles,
many presentations and one book, "Linux for Dummies". He currently
writes a monthly article for Linux Pro Magazine and occasionally blogs
for them on their web site.
Mr. Hall has consulted with the governments of China, Malaysia and
Brazil as well as the United Nations and many local and state
governments on the use of Free and Open Source Software.
Mr. Hall has served and serves on the boards of several companies,
universities and several non-profit organizations. He is currently
very active with the University of Sao Paulo's Centro Interdisciplinar
Em Tecnologias Interativas (CITI), acting as a member of their advisory
board. Mr. Hall is also the Board Chair of the Linux Professional
Institute, the world's premier Open Source Certification organization,
and is the senior advisor and co-founder of Caninos Loucos, bringing
inexpensive, locally designed and manufactured single board computers
to Brazil. He is also the President of Project Caua.
Mr. Hall has traveled the world (over 100 countries) speaking on the
benefits of Free and Open Source Software, and received his BS in
Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University (1973), and his MSCS
from RPI in Troy, New York (1977).
<eventitem date="2018-03-12" time="6:00pm" room="MC Comfy"
title="Programming for the 22nd Century">
We are bringing an out-of-town speaker, John "maddog" Hall, to come speak!
Come to this event, where he will be talking about changes in programming
paradigms since the invention of C, and the discussion event tomorrow.
Abstract: Many things have changed since the early days of programming,
but many programs are written as if they were for the machines of the 20th
century which had small memories, no cache, single core CPUs, small
address spaces. Even the definition of "performance" has changed. This
talk will investigate some of these issues and hopefully lead people to
better programming.
<eventitem date="2018-02-07" time="5:30pm" room="QNC 1502"
title="Technical Interview Prep">