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INPUTS = index.xml staff.xml books.xml webcam.xml webcam-streaming.xml
INPUTS = index.xml books.xml webcam.xml webcam-streaming.xml
include ../

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<directory title="Office">
<diritem title="Webcam" href="webcam.html" />
<diritem title="Staff" href="staff.html" />
<diritem title="Books" href="books.html" />

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The CSC Office is located at room MC3036/3037, in the Math &amp;
Computer Building of the University of Waterloo. The office is open
whenever <a href="staff.html">office staff</a> are around to keep it
whenever office staff are around to keep it
open, which basically means it is open most of the time. You can
check by taking a look through our <a href="webcam.html">web-enabled
camera</a>. At the
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of pop cans.
We can always use good <a href="staff.html">office staff</a>, so if
We can always use good office staff, so if
you're interested in helping out, just come by the office and chat
to somebody there, and the office manager will probably give you
something to do.

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<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE cscpage SYSTEM "../csc.dtd">
<cscpage title="CSC Office Staff">
<header />
<section title="Office staff responsibilities">
The CSC office staff have the following responsibilities:
<li>Keep the office open as much as possible</li>
<li>Keep the office clean at all times, through weekly cleaning and
consistent removal of garbage</li>
<li>Take care of adding new members, updating memberships and any
other membership-related tasks through the use of CEO (CSC
Electronic Office)</li>
<li>Burn our free operating system CDs</li>
<li>Answer questions</li>
<li>Make sure the fridge is always full of pop</li>
<footer />