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<!-- Spring 2009 -->
<eventitem date="2009-07-23" time="4:30 PM" edate="2009-07-23" etime="6:00 PM"
room="MC 3003" title="Unix 103">
In this long-awaited third installment of the popular Unix Tutorials the dark
mages of the CSC will train you in the not-so-arcane magick of version control.
You will learn the purpose and use of two different Version Control Systems
(git and subversion). This tutorial will advise you in the discipline of
managing the source code of your projects and enable you to quickly learn new
Version Control Systems in the work place -- a skill that is much sought after
by employers.
<eventitem date="2009-07-17" time="7:00 PM" edate="2009-07-18" etime="4:00 AM"
room="MC 3001" title="Code Party">