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<cscpage title="About the CSC">
<header />
<section title="What... is your name?">
According to our <a href="constitution">constitution</a> we
are officially the &quot;Computer Science Club of the University
of Waterloo.&quot; You can contact <a href="exec">our
executive</a> by e-mail at <a
come by the <a href="../office/">office</a> in MC 3036/3037 or mail
us at the following address.
<pre>Computer Science Club
Math &amp; Computer 3036/3037
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1
<p>Our office phone number is (519) 888-4567 x33870.</p>
<p>We also have an IRC channel: <a href="irc://irc.libera.chat/csc">
#csc on libera.chat</a>.</p>
<section title="What... is your quest?">
Again our lovely <a href="constitution">constitution</a> (it
really <i>is</i> quite a read, see for yourself!) answers this
question. In short, we exist to promote knowledge of and interest
in computer science as well as allowing those interested in
computer science to talk to each other. We have an <a
href="../office/">office</a> where members get together, a
library of computer
science books available to our members, computer accounts on our various
machines and much more. Frequently we host <a
href="../events/">events</a> related to computing, including talks,
tutorials and demonstrations.
<section title="What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?">
do you mean? An African or European swallow?<i>
(idea shamelessly stolen from the <a
href="http://gcc.gnu.org/libstdc++/">GNU libstdc++
<section title="Who is your executive?">
Each term a new executive is elected by <a href="members">the
membership</a>. See the <a href="exec">Executive</a> page to find
out who this term's executive is, and watch for when this term's
elections will be held if you want to participate on our
<a href="../events">Events</a> page.
<section title="Can I join?">
In short, yes! Almost certainly.
In compliance with MathSoc regulations and in recognition of the club being
primarily targeted at undergraduate students, full membership is open to all
Social Members of the Mathematics Society and restricted to the same.
Affiliate membership is open to all others in the University of Waterloo
community. Affiliate members may not vote or hold executive positions.
Membership costs a mere $2 (Canadian) a term.
<section title="How do I join?">
Simply drop by our office in MC 3036/3037 with some identification
(WatCard, driver's license, etc.) and $2 per term that you would like to
pay for. We'll have you sign our
<a href='../services/machine_usage'>machine usage agreement</a> and after
your account on our systems is created you'll have access to all the
services available to members.
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