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<cscpage title="Services that the CSC offers">
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<section title="Machine accounts">
The main benefit of becoming a CSC member is to get access to our various
machines. We offer a large range of hardware, including Alpha, MIPS,
UltraSPARC, i386, and AMD64. Our primary development machine,
high-fructose-corn-syrup, is a 4x AMD Opteron (64 cores at 2.4 GHz)
with 64 GiB of RAM, and it easily outperforms the Linux machines available
through CSCF. Most of our machines are connected via gigabit ethernet.
We offer 4 GB of disk quota that is accessible across all of our machines.
Our wiki contains a <a
href="">full machine
SSH key fingerprints for caffeine (our main server) can be found below:
<div class="fixed-width">
RSA: 0c:a3:66:52:10:19:7e:d6:9c:96:3f:60:c1:0c:d6:24<br/>
DSA: 10:22:16:28:75:54:4d:ae:07:0c:38:1a:e1:ac:bf:d5
<section title="Email">
Members also receive a email address.
Mailboxes are considered as part of your disk quota, so your mailbox may
grow up to the amount of disk quota you have. Attachments of any file size
or type may be sent. Our mail server runs a POP3, IMAP, and SMTP server with
SSL/TLS enabled. You can also access your mail via a <a
href="">secure web interface</a>.
<section title="Web space">
Many of members take advantage of our web hosting service. Our web server
runs on Apache, and has PHP, Python, and Perl modules installed. We also
have MySQL and PostgreSQL databases available upon request.
If you are already a member, you can enable your web space as follows:
Log in to one of the CSC machines (e.g.
using an <a href="">SSH</a> client (e.g. <a
href="">PuTTY</a> on
Windows or <a href="">OpenSSH</a> on *nix).
Create a directory called <code>www</code> in your home directory by
typing <code>mkdir ~/www</code>. (This directory may already exist.)
Put the files you want on your web page in your new <code>www</code>
directory. <code>index.{html,php,py}</code> will be loaded by default.
You can upload files using an scp client (e.g. <a
href="">WinSCP</a> on Windows or <a
href="">OpenSSH</a> on *nix).
Visit your snazzy new web page at
<code></code>, where
<code>username</code> should be replaced by your username.</li>
If you're still having trouble getting your page up, just contact
the <a href="">Webmaster</a> or the
<a href="">Systems Committee</a>.
<section title="Club hosting">
If you're a club and looking for web space, the CSC is the place go. We
offer clubs the same services we offer members (e.g. disk quota,
databases). We also offer the following additional services to clubs:
<li> domain registration.
</li><li> or similar mailing lists.
For more details, see the club hosting
<a href="">wiki page</a>.
You can view a list of clubs that we have hosted or still host on our
<a href="clubs">clubs list</a>.
<section title="Library">
The CSC maintains an <a href="">
extensive collection of Computer Science-related books</a>.
We currently do not have the infrastructure to lend books out (if you
would like to help out with this, contact the current
<a href="">librarian</a>),
but all members are welcome to use our library as long as the books
remain within the club office.
<section title="Open Source Software Mirror">
The CSC runs a mirror of some popular open source software.
The <a href=""> mirror </a> has a list
of available software. More information is available on our
<a href="">wiki article</a>.
<section title="Mailing Lists">
In addition to running our
<a href="">csc-general
mailing list</a> to inform members about our current events, we also run
<a href="">csc-industry
mailing list</a>,
which allows students to opt-in to receiving emails from industry
representatives. Corporate events, job postings, info sessions, and the
like may be posted here.
If you're interested in getting more involved with the Computer Science
Club, <a href="">email the executive</a>
to ask about joining our programme committee. It has its own mailing
list that members can also join.
<footer />