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Neil Parikh ac1ff94c16 fix res135 description 2 years ago
about extension of already-paid-for-f2020 accounts has been done 3 years ago
buttons Changed talks page to have thumbnails and be awesome. 13 years ago
events Added new event (a talk). 10 years ago
flash New build system 16 years ago
industry csc-industry 12 years ago
library new certificate from GlobalSign 13 years ago
logos Added vector logos, used for t-shirt and sticker designs 7 years ago
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office fixed x2 upon request. Updated wording now that FOSS dvds are not our most popular service 8 years ago
opencl Close OpenCL registration. 11 years ago
scripts Secretary -> AVP in positions list 5 years ago
services Update SSH Public Keys 7 years ago
unix102 Final additions to the UNIX102 page, including another bash script 11 years ago
xsl fix 3 years ago
.gitignore No need to ignore .html, .atom, etc... as they are in build/ 16 years ago
Makefile Remove the hack that sets umask in the $(SHELL) variable 8 years ago Added some sample bash scripts to the UNIX102 page. 11 years ago
csc.dtd Large reorganization of the web site 16 years ago
csc_welcome.psd required by new look-and-feel 16 years ago
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