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2021-10-15 19:19:34 -04:00
import requests
import re # import regular expressions to remove stray numbers in string that might interfere with date finding
import json # import json to read project info stored in json file
from project import Project
from shared import CSC_MIRROR
import datefinder # another date finding library
class macports(Project):
"""macports class"""
# checker: gets the timestamp of the file inside the directory at the specified URL and returns it as a string
def checker(directory_URL, file_name):
page = requests.get(directory_URL).text
file_index = page.find(file_name)
# print(page)
# remove stray numbers (file size numbers in particular) that might interfere with date finding
segment_clean = re.sub(r'\s\d+\s', ' ', page[file_index:]) # removes numbers for size
segment_clean = re.sub(r'\s\d+\w*\s', ' ', page[file_index:]) # removes numbers + size unit. e.x. 50kb
# print(segment_clean)
# finds the dates in the segment after the file name
# notes: a generator will be returned by the datefinder module. I'm typecasting it to a list. Please read the note of caution provided at the bottom.
matches = list(datefinder.find_dates(segment_clean))
# print(matches[0])
return matches[0]
def check(cls, data, project):
"""Check if project packages are up-to-date"""
csc_url = CSC_MIRROR + data[project]["csc"]
upstream_url = data[project]["upstream"]
file_name = data[project]["file"]
return cls.checker(csc_url, file_name) == cls.checker(upstream_url, file_name)