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Max Erenberg 0d89453062 use flush=True for print statements 1 year ago
Max Erenberg c30c555782 only use one file for config and data 1 year ago
Raymond Li 771d95814f
Fix trisquel date bug 1 year ago
Raymond Li 232a125139
Fix parameter mismatch 1 year ago
Raymond Li 0d28efaebb
Exit with non-zero status if any of the projects are not up-to-date 1 year ago
Raymond Li b2e3d431b1
Fix not working on Python 3.10 1 year ago
Raymond Li e4f9b2e736
Add Artix 1 year ago
Raymond Li 6e6227058e
Skip projects no longer mirrored 1 year ago
Raymond Li a33c73a7e9
Improvements 1 year ago
Raymond Li 03106f609f
Add cran and ctan to 1 year ago
Raymond Li 8b4eb2871e
Reset all timestamps to 0 1 year ago
Tom e8265a2802 changed linuxmint, ubuntu_ports_releases, xubuntu_releases 1 year ago
Tom 8244ba0cfd adjusted requirements.txt 1 year ago
Tom dbf8992c5e listed checker information 1 year ago
Tom c2f51fed9c more refinements 1 year ago
Tom 48ac2b71e5 made a few refinements 1 year ago
Tom c27fc9b502 data.json reordered 1 year ago
Tom 2e93222a38 reordering data.json 1 year ago
Tom 5747239062 updated mxlinux_iso 1 year ago
Tom fbf080de1b trisquel updated 1 year ago
Tom ce3e8f907a updated trisquel 1 year ago
Tom fb7337457e updated slackware 1 year ago
Tom 68e13c327e updated ubuntu_ports 1 year ago
Tom fe7d22e1e5 added netBSD 1 year ago
Tom 1df671b9e0 added puppy linux 1 year ago
Tom e3a4d18b36 added opensuse 1 year ago
Tom 709aa04cb8 added 1 year ago
Tom c974d49ffc xiph added 1 year ago
Tom 26e57b4d4d added macports 1 year ago
Tom 3d5eee45db added racket 1 year ago
Tom 0b3e36a8ff added sagemath and saltstack 1 year ago
Tom c76ae9c325 added linuxmint, linuxmint-packages, raspberry pi, ubuntu-ports-releases, and xubuntu-releases 1 year ago
Tom 2399f32d39 no need to check emacsconf, csclub 1 year ago
Tom 7728d3eaa6 added ctan 1 year ago
Tom 565fd092d2 added CRAN 1 year ago
Tom c230811ab8 created list for done and not done distros 2 years ago
Tom dba5643c4e added pkgsrc qtproject raspbian slackware trisquel ubuntu-ports ubuntu-releases 2 years ago
Tom 513bf63fc4 added parabola 2 years ago
Tom f8917c9687 nongnu added 2 years ago
Tom 73ff18ec67 added mySQL 2 years ago
Tom 8195cbb042 added mxlinux, mxlinux-iso 2 years ago
Tom 1b53f605c9 added manjaro and fixed ubuntu 2 years ago
Tom 530d22f0ab adjusted tdf, ubuntu, vlc from Distro to Project 2 years ago
Tom c05702bd2c fixed conflict 2 years ago
Tom 6f9a9a0952 added tdf, ubuntu, vlc 2 years ago
Raymond Li e7d483da5d
Update 2 years ago
Raymond Li 5bb7c74147
Dynamically import 2 years ago
Raymond Li fd073aa0d5
Tabsize=4 for JSON 2 years ago
Raymond Li 37f2eb2877
Fix pycharm warnings 2 years ago
Raymond Li ccc11f07df
Rename distro to project 2 years ago