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import click
from zope import component
from ..utils import http_get, http_post
from .utils import handle_sync_response, handle_stream_response, print_colon_kv
from ceo_common.interfaces import IConfig
from ceod.transactions.members import UpdateMemberPositionsTransaction'List or change exec positions')
def positions():
@positions.command(short_help='Get current positions')
def get():
resp = http_get('/api/positions')
result = handle_sync_response(resp)
(position, ', '.join(usernames))
for position, usernames in result.items()
@positions.command(short_help='Update positions')
def set(**kwargs):
body = {
k.replace('_', '-'): v.replace(' ', '').split(',') if v else None
for k, v in kwargs.items()
print_body = {
k: ', '.join(v) if v else ''
for k, v in body.items()
click.echo('The positions will be updated:')
click.confirm('Do you want to continue?', abort=True)
resp = http_post('/api/positions', json=body)
handle_stream_response(resp, UpdateMemberPositionsTransaction.operations)
# Provides dynamic parameters for `set' command using config file
def update_commands():
global set
cfg = component.getUtility(IConfig)
avail = cfg.get('positions_available')
required = cfg.get('positions_required')
for pos in avail:
r = pos in required
set = click.option(f'--{pos}', metavar='USERNAME', required=r, prompt=r)(set)