Python CSC Electronic Office
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# These descriptions are printed to the console while a transaction
# is performed, in real time.
descriptions = {
'add_user_to_ldap': 'Add user to LDAP',
'add_group_to_ldap': 'Add group to LDAP',
'add_user_to_kerberos': 'Add user to Kerberos',
'create_home_dir': 'Create home directory',
'set_forwarding_addresses': 'Set forwarding addresses',
'send_welcome_message': 'Send welcome message',
'subscribe_to_mailing_list': 'Subscribe to mailing list',
'announce_new_user': 'Announce new user to mailing list',
'replace_login_shell': 'Replace login shell',
'replace_forwarding_addresses': 'Replace forwarding addresses',
'remove_user_from_ldap': 'Remove user from LDAP',
'remove_group_from_ldap': 'Remove group from LDAP',
'remove_user_from_kerberos': 'Remove user from Kerberos',
'delete_home_dir': 'Delete home directory',
'unsubscribe_from_mailing_list': 'Unsubscribe from mailing list',