Python CSC Electronic Office
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
This is a script which unsubscribes expired members from csc-general.
GSSAPI is used for SPNEGO authentication, so make sure to run `kinit` first.
Also, make sure to run this script from the top-level of the git directory
(see the sys.path hack below).
import os
import sys
import ldap3
from zope import component
from ceo_common.errors import UserNotSubscribedError
from ceo_common.interfaces import IConfig, IHTTPClient
from ceo_common.model import Config, HTTPClient, RemoteMailmanService
# modify as necessary
CONFIG_FILE = '/etc/csc/ceod.ini'
NEW_MEMBER_LIST = 'csc-general'
cfg = Config(CONFIG_FILE)
component.provideUtility(cfg, IConfig)
http_client = HTTPClient()
component.provideUtility(http_client, IHTTPClient)
mailman_srv = RemoteMailmanService()
LDAP_URI = cfg.get('ldap_server_url')
LDAP_MEMBERS_BASE = cfg.get('ldap_users_base')
conn = ldap3.Connection(LDAP_URI, auto_bind=True, raise_exceptions=True), '(shadowExpire=1)', attributes=['uid'])
total_unsubscribed = 0
for entry in conn.entries:
uid = entry.uid.value
mailman_srv.unsubscribe(uid, NEW_MEMBER_LIST)
print(f'Unsubscribed {uid}')
total_unsubscribed += 1
except UserNotSubscribedError:
print(f'{uid} is already unsubscribed')
print(f'Total unsubscribed: {total_unsubscribed}')