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LDAP Utilities
This module makes use of python-ldap, a Python module with bindings
to libldap, OpenLDAP's native C client library.
import ldap.modlist, os, pwd
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
def connect_sasl(uri, mech, realm, password):
# open the connection
ld = ldap.initialize(uri)
# authenticate
sasl = Sasl(mech, realm, password)
ld.sasl_interactive_bind_s('', sasl)
except ldap.LOCAL_ERROR, e:
raise e
print "Shit, something went wrong!"
return ld
def abslookup(ld, dn, objectclass=None):
# search for the specified dn
if objectclass:
search_filter = '(objectclass=%s)' % escape(objectclass)
matches = ld.search_s(dn, ldap.SCOPE_BASE, search_filter)
matches = ld.search_s(dn, ldap.SCOPE_BASE)
except ldap.NO_SUCH_OBJECT:
return None
# dn was found, but didn't match the objectclass filter
if len(matches) < 1:
return None
# return the attributes of the single successful match
match = matches[0]
match_dn, match_attributes = match
return match_attributes
def lookup(ld, rdntype, rdnval, base, objectclass=None):
dn = '%s=%s,%s' % (rdntype, escape(rdnval), base)
return abslookup(ld, dn, objectclass)
def search(ld, base, search_filter, params=[], scope=ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, attrlist=None, attrsonly=0):
real_filter = search_filter % tuple(escape(x) for x in params)
# search for entries that match the filter
matches = ld.search_s(base, scope, real_filter, attrlist, attrsonly)
return matches
def modify(ld, rdntype, rdnval, base, mlist):
dn = '%s=%s,%s' % (rdntype, escape(rdnval), base)
ld.modify_s(dn, mlist)
def modify_attrs(ld, rdntype, rdnval, base, old, attrs):
dn = '%s=%s,%s' % (rdntype, escape(rdnval), base)
# build list of modifications to make
changes = ldap.modlist.modifyModlist(old, attrs)
# apply changes
ld.modify_s(dn, changes)
def modify_diff(ld, rdntype, rdnval, base, old, new):
dn = '%s=%s,%s' % (rdntype, escape(rdnval), base)
# build list of modifications to make
changes = make_modlist(old, new)
# apply changes
ld.modify_s(dn, changes)
def escape(value):
Escapes special characters in a value so that it may be safely inserted
into an LDAP search filter.
value = str(value)
value = value.replace('\\', '\\5c').replace('*', '\\2a')
value = value.replace('(', '\\28').replace(')', '\\29')
value = value.replace('\x00', '\\00')
return value
def make_modlist(old, new):
keys = set(old.keys()).union(set(new))
mlist = []
for key in keys:
if key in old and not key in new:
mlist.append((ldap.MOD_DELETE, key, list(set(old[key]))))
elif key in new and not key in old:
mlist.append((ldap.MOD_ADD, key, list(set(new[key]))))
to_add = list(set(new[key]) - set(old[key]))
if len(to_add) > 0:
mlist.append((ldap.MOD_ADD, key, to_add))
to_del = list(set(old[key]) - set(new[key]))
if len(to_del) > 0:
mlist.append((ldap.MOD_DELETE, key, to_del))
return mlist
def format_ldaperror(ex):
desc = ex[0].get('desc', '')
info = ex[0].get('info', '')
if desc and info:
return "%s: %s" % (desc, info)
elif desc:
return desc
return str(ex)
class Sasl:
def __init__(self, mech, realm, password):
self.mech = mech
self.realm = realm
if mech == 'GSSAPI' and password is not None:
userid = pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid()).pw_name
kinit = '/usr/bin/kinit'
kinit_args = [ kinit, '%s@%s' % (userid, realm) ]
kinit = Popen(kinit_args, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
kinit.stdin.write('%s\n' % password)
def callback(self, id, challenge, prompt, defresult):
return ''