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**Everyone at the University of Waterloo is welcome to come to our events and to
use our resources!** Feel free to join our communities and chat with our
members. However, if you want to officially become a member or support our
vision of creating a supportive environment for all computing students, there's
a bunch of ways you can join and help out.
## How to Join
### General Membership
<summary>In-person Term</summary>
1. Drop by our office in **MC 3036/3037** with
- your WatCard, and
- $2 for term that you would like to pay for
2. Sign our [Machine Usage Agreement](/resources/machine-usage-agreement)
That's all! After your account created, you'll have access to all the
[services](/resources/services) available to members.
#### Membership Renewal
If you are already a member of the CSC and want to renew your membership, you
can do so by coming in person to our office.
<summary>Online Term</summary>
Email the CSC Systems Committee at
[syscom@csclub.uwaterloo.ca](mailto:syscom@csclub.uwaterloo.ca) from your
University of Waterloo email address with the following:
1. a scan or photograph copy of your **WatCard**,
2. your **WatIAM userid**, and
3. your acknowledgement of having read, understood, and agreeing with our
[Machine Usage Agreement](/resources/machine-usage-agreement).
#### Membership Renewal
For this online term (Spring 2021), you do not need to pay the $2 fee to renew your
membership. We have extended the memberships of all members who had already
previously paid for membership or have joined CS Club during an online term.
### Executive Committees
Are you interested in using your skills to get involved with CSC? We have
committees covering everything from design to development, so no matter your
interests, weve got a place for you.
**CSC hires at the end of every term**, so make sure to stay connected through
social media to keep up to date on when applications open!
#### Programme Committee
- In charge of planning, advertising, and running all events hosted by CSC.
- Voices concerns/ideas on behalf of the CS community.
#### Website Committee
- Creates functional and modern designs for the CSC website.
- Builds and maintains the static website, updating content for events and news.
#### Systems Committee
- Maintaining all services that CSC provides which includes file share, DNS,
mail, configuration for IRC, Mattermost, Git hosting.
- Managing mirrors used by large public organizations and thousands of people
### Elected Roles
Each term, the CSC holds elections to determine the executive council:
- President
- Vice-President
- Assistant Vice-President
- Treasurer
To find out when and where the next elections will be held, keep an eye on on the [News](/).
For details on the elections, see the [Constitution](/about/constitution).